IMPORTANT NOTICE: This application form cannot be saved. Please have all required materials ready before you begin your online application and save a copy of these materials for your records.

To submit the online application form applicants must complete the following sections:

Contact information

Provide first and last name, email address, mailing address and phone number

Academic background

Provide name of the doctoral program/discipline, name of faculty/school/department, name of university and thesis topic. 

Cover letter (PDF attachment; max file size 2MB)

Upload your cover letter.

Brief abstract of the post-doctoral research proposal (maximum 250 words)

Provide a brief summary of your proposed research project to be conducted during the term of the award.

This field does not support rich text formatting. It is recommended that you type your content in a simple text editor, then copy and paste it into the text box. Limit to 250 words.

Full statement of the post-doctoral research proposal (PDF attachment; maximum 3 pages; max file size 2MB)

Provide a detailed description of your proposed research project to be conducted during the term of the award. Include the research question addressed; study objectives; methodology and study design; scientific and career benefits; and anticipated contribution to the advancement of knowledge. Clearly state how your research interests align with IWH’s overarching priority areas. Limit to three (3) pages.

Transcript (PDF attachment; max file size 5MB)

Upload scanned transcript of academic record (graduate, complete with description of grading scale employed). Scanned unofficial, student-issued, or web transcripts are permitted. If you have online access to your academic history, you may submit screenshots (print screen/snipping tool) of your web transcript (be sure to choose full academic history).

Current CV (PDF attachment; max file size 2MB)

Upload your current Curriculum Vitae.

Academic references

Provide information about the three (3) referees completing the Academic Reference Forms, including job title, university/department and email address. Referees should be an applicant’s current or recent academic supervisor, academic instructor, thesis committee member, practicum supervisor or equivalent. At least one referee should be the applicant’s thesis supervisor.

Academic Reference Form can be downloaded here.

Upon completion, the referee must send it by email directly to Lyudmila Mansurova at It is applicant’s responsibility to ensure the referees send their completed forms before the application deadline.