Project directory

The project directory includes Institute for Work & Health (IWH) research studies that were initiated in 2015 onward (as well as a few large studies that were ongoing in 2015). The directory also includes studies conducted under IWH’s Systematic Review Program since it began in 2005. For information on Institute studies initiated before 2015, see our Accomplishments Reports. Studies are either ongoing or completed. Ongoing studies are listed in alphabetical order. Completed studies are listed by year of completion, beginning with the most recently completed.

Project title Status

Building disability confidence in Canada’s financial sector

Research team: Emile Tompa (PI), Emma Irvin, Alexis Buettgen


Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy: Envisioning the future of disability policy in Canada

Research team: Emile Tompa (PI), Arif Jetha, Dan Samosh, Sabrina Imam, Kathy Padkapayeva


Conceal or reveal? Facilitators and barriers to older workers' communication of accommodation needs

Research team: Monique Gignac (PI), Arif Jetha, Agnieszka Kosny, Vicki Kristman, Jill Cameron


Creating safe workplaces for newcomers

Research team: Basak Yanar (PI), Peter Smith (PI), Edda Bild, Pam Cardwell, Stephanie Premji, Dwayne Van Eerd


Developing approaches to measuring the dimensions of gender and their relationship to health outcomes

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), Momtaz Begum, Monique Gignac, Mahée Gilbert-Ouimet, Greta Bauer


Examining sex/gender differences in exposures to workplace-acquired communicable disease: a systematic review

Research team: Aviroop Biswas (PI), Emma Irvin, Heather Johnston, Peter Smith, Mieke Koehoorn, Annalee Yassi


Future-focused job accommodation practices for the school-to-work transition

Research team: Arif Jetha (PI), Monique Gignac, Sara Macdonald, Kay Nasir, Emile Tompa, Dwayne Van Eerd, Kathleen Martin Ginis


Future-proofing young Canadians with disabilities for the changing labour market

Research team: Arif Jetha (PI), Monique Gignac, Kay Nasir, Ali Shamaee, Peter Smith, Emile Tompa


Incentives-based approaches to support stay at work/return to work: an environmental scan

Research team: Dwayne Van Eerd (PI), Emma Irvin (PI), Emile Tompa, Dan Samosh,


Inclusive Design for Employment Access (IDEA): A social innovation lab to increase demand-side capacity to employ persons with disabilities in Canada

Research team: Emile Tompa (PI), Rebecca Gewurtz (PI), Arif Jetha, Emma Irvin, Dwayne Van Eerd, Bruce Bonyhady, Susanne Bruyère, Peter Coppin, Marie-France Coutu, Robert Fleisig, Raphael Gomez, Karen Harlos, Takeo Kondo, Vicki Kristman, Marie Laberge, Jordana Maisel, Carrie Anne Marshall, Valérie Martin, Sandra Moll, Dan Samosh, Firat Sayin, Jennifer Smith-Merry, Mahadeo Sukhai, Hélène Sultan-Taïeb, Jutta Treviranus, Angelika Veres, Catherine Wyndham-West


Inclusive Design for Employment Access (IDEA): Evidence synthesis

Research team: Emile Tompa (PI), Rebecca Gewurtz (PI), Emma Irvin


Inclusive Design for Employment Access (IDEA): Transition to work and career development

Research team: Arif Jetha (PI), Dan Samosh


Job quality and wellbeing in Canada: generating insights on the new world of work

Research team: Faraz Vahid Shahidi (PI), Monique Gignac, Arif Jetha, Ellen MacEachen


Preventing work disability among millennial young adults with rheumatic disease

Research team: Arif Jetha (PI), Julie Bowring, Monique Gignac, Catherine Backman, Vicki Kristman, Lori Tucker


Transitioning to the future of work: an intersectional study of vulnerable youth and young adults

Research team: Arif Jetha (PI), Monique Gignac, Sara Macdonald, Kay Nasir, Ali Shamaee, Peter Smith, Yani Hamdani, Vicki Kristman


What are the long-term health and labour market outcomes of workers who experienced work-related COVID-19 transmission?

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), Nancy Carnide, Arif Jetha, Cameron Mustard, Victoria Nadalin, Colette Severin, Mieke Koehoorn, Cheryl Peters


Do work exposures and their effects differ for men and women? A systematic review

Research team: Aviroop Biswas (PI), Peter Smith, Emma Irvin, Mieke Koehoorn

Completed 2022

Role of employers and settlement agencies in safe employment integration

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), Basak Yanar (PI), Kay Nasir, Stephanie Premji

Completed 2020

Extended working life and its interaction with health, wellbeing and quality of life: a multi-country initiative (THRIVE)

Research team: Cameron Mustard (PI), Emile Tompa

Completed 2019

Supporting the employment participation of Canadian young adults with chronic conditions: a systematic review

Research team: Arif Jetha (PI)

Completed 2019

Understanding the employment needs and experiences of baby boomers with arthritis and diabetes

Research team: Monique Gignac (PI), Dorcas Beaton, Vicki Kristman, Cameron Mustard, Peter Smith, Elizabeth Badley

Completed 2019

Developing an evidence base on sex/gender differences in the relationship between working conditions and injury risk, chronic illnesses and return to work

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), Cameron Mustard, Chantal Brisson, Rick Glazier

Completed 2018

Understanding the relationship between osteoarthritis and work: a systematic review

Research team: Monique Gignac (PI), Emma Irvin (PI), Kim Cullen, Dorcas Beaton, Quenby Mahood, Dwayne Van Eerd, Catherine Backman, Christopher McLeod

Completed 2018

Addressing literacy and numeracy gaps among workers in an OHS training program: a pilot study

Research team: Ron Saunders (PI), Curtis Breslin, Siobhan Cardoso, Morgane Le Pouésard, Karen Myers

Completed 2017

Exploring the relationship between prolonged standing and prolonged sitting at work and heart disease among male and female workers

Research team: Peter Smith (PI), Mahée Gilbert-Ouimet, Cameron Mustard, Rick Glazier, Huiting Ma

Completed 2017